Fulfill God’s Calling for You

and Enjoy Life in the Journey.

Blended ministry, life, and financial coaching for personal growth and fresh starts.

Get a realistic plan for better work-life balance.

Get your ministry on-track and growing.

Get back to loving ministry and your life at home.

Ministry shouldn’t run your life.

When you are in ministry, it’s easy for things to get off track.

Do you…

  • Work around the clock?
  • Fail to get enough sleep?
  • Skip family time?
  • Deal with crisis after crisis?

Left unchecked, these patterns can grow into severe problems like debt, damaged ministry, unreconciled relationships, and serious health problems. 

There is hope! 

At Heiser Coaching, we believe ministry should advance God’s mission without sacrificing your life, health, and important relationships. 

A unique blend of ministry, life, and financial coaching.


 Staying true to God’s calling on your life, avoiding unhealthy habits, and polishing your rougher edges is hard!  We help you grow yourself, your teams, and your ministry.


Learn to live with purpose, from a plan, and for peace of mind. We get to the heart of your version of purpose, plan, and peace so you can thrive at work and at home.


Money issues are a leading cause of marriage and ministry stress. Using Dave Ramsey’s financial framework, we help you achieve financial peace for today and for your future.

Discover what really matters.

I understand the unique pressures ministry leaders feel. 

Hi, I’m Phil Heiser, and I help people live and work better. My career has spanned many roles from pastor to marriage counselor and trainer, to financial coach, to business manager and owner. 

The common thread throughout my life and career has been helping people live with purpose, from a plan, and for peace of mind.

With my unique blend of ministry, life, and financial coaching, I get to the heart of the matter with my clients. We cover all the bases, so they may rediscover the joy of their ministry calling.

Getting started is easy.

Book a consult.

Discover how a unique blend of ministry, life, and financial coaching can get things moving forward at work and at home.

Get your custom plan.

After a calendar audit, a financial snapshot, and a ministry assessment, we will create your growth plan.

Get back on track.

Because true success is measured not only by a growing ministry but also by better well-being and happier relationships.

Is life and ministry out of balance?

Are you running on fumes?  Under pressure every day?  Then it’s time for a change.

Discover the 6 domains of life and how you can easily influence quick and noticeable change in life and ministry. 

The 6 Habits for a Healthy Life and Ministry will show you how to:

  • Increase your productivity with one enjoyable (and free!) activity.
  • Process incoming ministry requests decisively.
  • Enhance your most important relationships.
  • … and more.

Six tips for more productivity, energy, and happiness. 
You deserve the fantastic feeling that everything is under control.


What clients are saying

“Having Phil hold us accountable to our new goals has been invaluable. I (Alton) am excited about a renewed balance between my health and ministry. We are grateful for improvements in our family life. And regaining a clear direction for ministry is awesome! Looking forward to our future!”

Alton & Valerie

Within two sessions, Phil guided our way of thinking, allowing us to see our financial goals. He took the time to listen in great detail, learn about us, and help our family immensely through a considerable rough patch brought on by Covid. We continue to connect with Phil as we progress on our financial journey.

Andrew & Jessica

As a ministry leader, you understand the importance of having people and resources that fill you back up.  Phil and his coaching helps diagnose any underlying issues, lovingly confront them, and get you to the place where you are serving from a place of fullness rather than emptiness!


God called you to ministry.

Rediscover your purpose, focus, and joy.


Life and financial coaching for ministry health and growth

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