Entrepreneurism, a pathway for a happy life.

Get to know the life-financial-business coach who can guide you to self-employed success.

There’s nothing like self-employment.

Most entrepreneurs start their business for the freedom it offers. Yet running a business is not easy.

Business decisions affect personal life and finances. And it’s not always in the positive way you dreamed of. 

I’ve seen it happen many times: the business you thought would bring freedom feels more like shackles.

As a coach, I facilitate restoration.  

That is, restored life purpose, business vision, finances, marriages and families, and a restored love of life.

You could say I’m another kind of “Dr. Phil” because I get to the heart of the matter with my clients. When setbacks occur, I often ask, “What does this make possible?” Setbacks are often disguised as opportunities.  

Clients tell me this unique blend of life-financial-business coaching wakes them up to life. They re-engage areas of their life that had been ignored.

That’s important to me, because I long for people to accept their multiple life vocations: business owner, spouse, parent, church member, neighbor, community member, and more. 

You have freedom of choice, perhaps more than you may realize. Your self-employed success can be the path to loving every part of your life.

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You could say I’ve been a coach my whole life. 

As an IT professional and manager at a large insurance company, I was part of the leadership team that established a centralized help desk. As I managed teams of hard working professionals, I discovered the joy of developing people to their highest potential.  

After 10 years in corporate America, I moved my family from Washington to Minnesota so I could pursue an M.Div. and begin a career in ministry. 

Then in 2009, while serving as a pastor, I faced my church’s $1.8 million debt. We contemplated, “What could the people of God do for the Kingdom of God if they were debt free?”

I put a team together to lead a church-wide debt reduction campaign that reduced our church debt by half in just 3 years.  

That began my journey with Ramsey Solutions. I met Dave Ramsey in 2009, and started teaching Financial Peace University classes, helping countless individuals and couples master their money.  

In 2015, I began serving as a Regional Pastor providing coaching and support to the denomination’s local pastors. I began offering church consultations as a certified Church Consultant to help churches and leadership teams stop struggling and become unified – in order to live out God’s mission for their church. 

 Over the years, I’ve taught more than a dozen FPU classes. It seems that in every class, participants request additional help. I’ve seen firsthand how small business can bring prosperity or stress to a family. 

Whether it is developing employees, leading congregations, or guiding clients through Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps, the common thread is inspiring people to be their best.

I help people live with purpose, from a plan, and for peace of mind. Heiser Coaching is your well-rounded coaching service for your best life, finances, and small business.  Coaching looks forward to what can be. Let’s look forward to your successful self-employed life.

Small business owners are being run by their business.

15 Million

full-time self-employed Americans.


average amount of small business debt.


of entrepreneurs deal with business-related stress.

Heiser Coaching’s life-financial-business coaching is based on evidence and experience.

  • Studies show 70% of coached people report improvements in work performance, relationships, and communication. 
  • Financial coaching results in improved money management, increased in savings, and decreased debt levels.
  • Business Made Simple + Finance + Life Coaching = Self-employed Success.

We are blown away at how much we have accomplished with our financial goals. Phil has been our coach – and our cheerleader. We went from budgeting “ish” to saving thousands of dollars every month! We are on track and accomplishing our financial goals thanks to Phil.

James and Michelle

You deserve a business that liberates your life.

Life, financial, and business coaching for self-employed success.

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